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About the Congregation

As a worldwide congregation, we are present in 27 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Moreover, to take better care of our presence in the different countries, we are divided into Provinces. The Province of England, to which we belong, consists of England (UK), Liberia and Ghana (Africa).

Our community across-borders is driven by the same mission with which the Congregation was founded back in 1881: this is, to serve and care for people living with a mental disorder. Hospitality is our core value and, therefore, it’s always at the heart of everything we do.

However, there is much more history behind our Charity for you to discover, from its foundation to its work today.

Founders of Sisters Hospitallers

Our History

Firstly, get to know our foundation, which is still present in our work today. We take you through our first steps as a Congregation back in 1881 and our founders’ vision for it.

As a result, the mission of a man to bring dignity to the mentally ill, and the unselfish support of two women to make it true.

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Sisters Hospitallers' organisation

Our Organisation

Further discover the mission, vision and values that drive our work and lifestyle since the Congregation was founded.

Above all, hospitality is present in everything we do, everywhere we are at.

Read more about our worldwide work and how we reflect our main value through our projects.

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Management team at Sisters Hospitallers

Meet the Management Team

They are part of the team behind the English Province. In other words, the people ensuring that all areas of the organisation work together for the same purpose.

The Management Team is conformed both by Sisters Hospitallers and collaborators that are experts in their areas of work.

That is to say, that hospitality is always a priority.

Meet the Team

Sisters Hospitallers' General Government

A Worldwide Congregation

However, the Province of England is only a part of Sisters Hospitallers. Consequently, the Congregation consists of various other provinces located all around the world.

This way, we can better focus on providing the best care and support to those in need. And most importantly, we can keep on broadening our help to a wider population.

More about the Congregation

Our Projects