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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission, vision and values have set the bases for our Congregation since Sisters Hospitallers was founded in 1881.

Every day since, we have kept this commitment to hospitality through the work we carry out in our centres and hospitals worldwide. Likewise, we have turned the passion to help others into our cause, caring for those that need it the most.

As a result, Sisters Hospitallers today counts on more than 1.200 sisters and 8.700 co-workers. In other words, thousands of people that make it possible to keep growing and reaching more people in need.

Our mission

Our mission expresses the charisma of Hospitality. That is, to assist and care for the mentally ill, physically disabled and other related sicknesses. Most importantly,  to give special preference for the poorest and most marginalized.


We strive to help shape a world where the sick and the elderly are no longer marginalised. Moreover, where they finally receive the respect and care they need, through the hospitality spirit.


In the same vein, our core value is Hospitality. Above all, it drives our daily work and guides the service we provide in all our centres around the world.

We consider hospitaller values as a key element of our Institution’s identity. In other words, they are present in our cause and act as the distinctive feature of our work.

All our values may be summarized in a single one: HOSPITALITY. That is our human value in the social and health sphere.

Day Centre for Mental Disorders in Dompoase

However, this overarching value comprises others that address the implications of Hospitality:

  • Sensitivity for the excluded
  • Service to the sick and needy
  • Liberating welcome
  • Holistic health
  • Professional quality
  • Humanity in care
  • Ethical intervention
  • Historical awareness.
Residential care at St Augustine's care home
Sisters Hospitallers - St Augustine's Care Home (Addlestone, England)

This is how we guarantee that our values are always present in our work:

  • Attention and dedication to those in greatest need
  • A social commitment to people with no resources
  • Absolute respect and dignity for the sick person
  • Personal and human care
  • Adapted facilities
  • Expert professionals in the field
  • Hospitality as our approach to service
  • High-quality environment

Our Work Today

Nowadays, our Congregation is present in 27 countries worldwide and manages more than 200 centres.

Thanks to the generosity of the people that support our work Sisters Hospitallers can keep on helping. Moreover, providing medical care to patients of all age living with a physical or mental condition. More specifically, we provide care in the following areas:

          • Elderly care homes
          • Maternity services
          • Psychiatric/mental health care
          • Special educational needs
          • General medicine

The scope of our work is growing along with the need for our help. Therefore, we are always looking for passionate and dedicated people to join our cause as volunteers, Sisters or as supporters – every helping hand makes Sisters Hospitallers possible.

Our Impact

Sisters worldwide

1.084 sisters worldwide that comprise the global congregation of Sisters Hospitallers.

Patients in Liberia and Ghana

551.346 outpatients that came to our health centres in Liberia and Ghana for medical care they might have not received otherwise.

Mothers and babies at the St Francis Xavier Hospital

3.833 births under our care in 2016, at our medical centres in Ghana and Liberia.

Staff and Sister from Monrovia, Liberia

We are always looking to update our facilities, from maintenance and redecoration to purchasing new medical equipment and ambulances

Volunteers in Dompoase, Ghana

Our community of volunteers helps Sisters Hospitallers’ cause reach more people in need

Staff in Monrovia, Liberia

15.750 healthcare and social units provided services for almost 2 million people in the past year