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There are many options to join our community and become a Hospitaller. If you believe in inclusion and acceptance, this is your place.

Sisters Hospitallers is a Charity with a global reach, and we are constantly looking for people to help us get our cause further, to bring Hospitality to more people in need. And that can only be possible thanks to our great network of supporters.

Here’s how you can join us…

Be a Sister

We are here to help and guide your journey through Hospitality.

Start searching for the meaning of life, through Hospitality.

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Sisters - Be a Hospitaller

Be a Young Hospitaller

We need young people with passion, creativity, availability and hospitality.

Live through Hospitality with more young people like you!

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Join our Young Hospitallers - Be a Hospitaller

As a Lay Hospitaller

Some collaborators wish to continue not only with the activities but with the spirit and charisma. And they can do so from their professionalism.

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Lay Hospitallers

Solidarity and International Cooperation

We are present in disadvantaged countries or with urgent needs.

Above all, this foundation fosters cooperation towards development in Africa, South America and Asia.

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Institutional Relations

The purpose is to develop joint projects with other institutions in the sector.

This way, we intensify the cooperation between our Congregation and St John of God’s Religious Order.

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Hospitality Europe - Institutional Relations