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How can I become a Sister Hospitaller?

Start searching for the meaning of life, through Hospitality.

The vocational experience is always a unique and personal moment. When you are young, you wonder about life and its meaning. Sometimes it’s confusing, others it’s inspiring. You want to focus your energy on doing things for yourself, for your family, for your friends, and for others. You dream of the perfect job, or of having a family. Through these questions, God invites you to find Him.

The Hospitaller vocation consists of starting an adventure with Jesus. Furthermore, it is such an engaging call that it changes your whole life. It is an invitation to feel the sick people’s pain and answer it through kindness, service, attention… In one word, Hospitality!

The Hospitaller vocation fosters your personal growth. Moreover, it boosts your qualities and possibilities as a person so that, over time, you identify yourself with Jesus and His way of thinking and loving.

There are various essential factors to know before becoming a Hospitaller. Firstly, the Sisters Hospitallers have chosen Christ as the centre of our lives. It is, therefore, a commitment that we take and live in community, because the Hospitaller charisma brings us together as a family. And as such, we carry out a mission: to bring Jesus The Good Samaritan to those who need us.

From your side, on the other hand, we expect honesty, passion for teamwork, and sensitivity to the sick and vulnerable. If you wish to clarify what you are feeling in your prayers, contact us. We can be with you and help you in this journey through companionship. Giving you the experience of sharing some days with a community of Sisters, and meet our Hospitaller mission personally.

We are here for you!

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