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If you want to live your baptismal identity through hospitality, we invite you to join us.

The Congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was funded in 1881. Since then, our hospitaller mission has brought together people that collaborate in our cause with material or spiritual goods. They are the friends, the benefactor.

After that, the increase in the number of collaborators made it possible to continue with our hospitaller project. That is to say, more sensitivity for the person suffering and a higher specialisation.

Meanwhile, the participation has gradually evolve throughout our history. Bringing, therefore, a stronger union between the Sisters and the Lay Hospitallers. As a result, we have comprehensive, quality assistance following the Hospitaller culture.

In this service, some collaborators wish to continue not only with the activities but with the spirit and charisma. And they can do so from their professionalism.

The closeness with the hospitaller mission often awakens a special sensitivity. Further, the Hospitaller charisma can bring a new meaning to our collaborators’ lives. They are people who share their faith in Jesus and find a way of acting on their christian commitment with society. This way, we have several groups of Lay Hospitallers around the world. Therefore, they live their christian faith through their service to the people in our centres.

“As Lay Hospitallers, we seek to deepen our knowledge of Jesus The Good Samaritan. To strengthen our christian commitment in family and in society. Moreover, to better identify ourselves with the Hospitaller charisma and spirituality. To develop a sensitivity towards other people’s needs. Lastly, to answer them through a samaritan attitude like Jesus did.”

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