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Solidarity and International Cooperation Service

The Congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers is an international institution. As a result, we are present in disadvantaged countries or with urgent needs. For that, we have a Solidarity and International Cooperation Service, coordinated from our General Government in Rome. Furthermore, we count on Benito Menni Foundation, the Congregations’ NGO. Above all, this foundation fosters cooperation towards development in Africa, South America and Asia.

The purpose of this service, therefore, is to promote solidarity and social transformation. In other words, to trigger personal responsibility towards other people’s needs.

From our solidarity and cooperation, we aim to share resources among all the centres in our institutions worldwide. Consequently, “to share our financial resources, as well as exchanging knowledge, professionals and technology. Above all, this fosters the universality and feeling of belonging to the Congregation” (XXI General Chapter). Further, this is not limited to an international action. On the contrary, it aims to promote “a comprehensive approach to men and women in all their dimensions” (PP).

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