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Benedict Menni Rehabilitation Centre provides general medical care and mental health support in Monrovia

After the outbreak of Ebola in 2014/15, the centre carried out a renovation to adapt it to the new requirements. As a result, they now count on a waiting area, triage and isolation unit to guarantee the safety of the patients at the centre.

In 2017, Sisters Hospitallers, with WHO’s financial support, refurbished the premises of the centre. Moreover, the purpose was to start a new project for people with mental illnesses suffering from social exclusion. Therefore, the centre covers the need for this type of service in Liberia. Moreover, this also follows the Congregations’ mission of bringing hospitality to those in need.

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The centre consists of two separate units.

The Clinic:

At the clinic, they provide general medicine for the population nearby. Furthermore, they also count on a laboratory to carry out various tests and diagnosis. Lastly, they also provide maternity care and assistance in births.

Above all, our centre in Liberia provides medical care to around 30.000 people nearby. Furthermore, this is what the numbers looked like in 2020:

  • 8774 outpatients
  • 180 births assisted
  • 7.518 Special programmes: vaccinations
  • 16.062 lab tests carried out

‘Step Down’: Mental Health Centre:

Most importantly, here is where professionals take care of those living with mental disorders. They provide them with medicine, food, treatment and support to develop their social skills. Through games and therapy, the goal is to help mentally ill people learn new skills and improve at social interaction.

This is an ongoing process, as some of them are not yet able to be reinserted into society. Therefore, they need constant support and care from the centre, apart from new patients coming in regularly.

Overall, these are the numbers for the Mental Health Centre in 2020:

  • New admissions: 19
  • Total stays: 4.962



General medicine



Maternal and Child Health (MCT)

Patients at the Benedict Menni Rehabilitation Centre

Features at a glance

  • General OPD and Emergency
  • Diagnostic
  • Communicable Diseases (TB, Leprosy, and HIV)
  • Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (pmtct)