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Benito Menni Hospital provides medical care for the general population and support for the mentally ill

This centre in Ghana is a response to the poor service provided to the mentally ill in the area. Moreover, medical care is really scarce in rural areas like Dompoase. Therefore, our presence was a direct request from the Rev. Thomas K., first bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Obuasi.

As a result, Benito Menni Hospital provides two separate services:

Medical Care:

Apart from the staff at Benito Menni Hospital, the centre also counts on a team for the outreach programme. Consequently, the team is formed by a Public Health Nurse, a Health Care Assistant and a driver. In short, this team is responsible for extending the reach of the hospital to rural areas.This is, visiting patients that live in remote areas and have difficulties getting to the clinic.

The Outpatient unit counts on 20 local professionals to provide health care to around 20,000 people. In addition, it has a pathology laboratory and also an ambulance for emergencies. The unit is open from 08:00-15:00. However, those arriving after closing time are also looked after until a professional staff member can assist the patient.

Overall, these are the numbers for Benito Menni Hospital in 2020:

  • 2.723 inpatients
  • 7.032 stays
  • 30.773 outpatients
  • 7.449 vaccinations
  • 40.230 lab tests carried out
  • 635 surgeries
  • 643 births assisted
  • 245 x-rays

Day Centre for Mental Disorders:

In this centre, therefore, people living with mental disorders receive support, medicines and care. As it is a day centre, the staff at the centre picks them up at home in the morning and return them in the afternoon.

Most importantly, they can also take part in projects to improve their personal development. For instance, some of the patients at the centre take part in the process of extracting Palm Oil.

The Day Centre helps in the rehabilitation of young people and adults with mental health problems. Therefore, they foster their personal development and independence for their integration in society. For instance, some of the activities include:

  • Educational courses and vocational training
  • Handcraft activities
  • OLEMIX workshop
  • Bottled water workshop
  • Palm Oil production


General medicine

Mental Health and Rehabilitation


Pharmaceutical Services

Canteen Services

Reproductive and Child Health Services



Children at the Day Centre for Mental Disorders in Dompoase

Features at a glance

  • Inpatient and Emergency Services
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Outreach
  • Water and Food production