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St Francis Xavier Hospital counts on enough space for 118 beds. Furthermore, it has a specialised unit for Mother and Child care

It provides medical care to a population of around 207.000 inhabitants. This includes, for instance, A&E service and dental care when needed.

In addition, it counts on a special unit for Mother and Child Care. Moreover, the team at the unit is focused on reducing mortality among children less than 5 years old. They have, therefore, developed a system to identify those children in need of urgent medical care. Similarly, the hospital also aims to educate locals on the importance of bringing sick children to the hospital. Apart from this, they provide women and mothers with specialised care.

Furthermore, the centre has also become a practical teaching hospital. As a result, medical and nursing students from schools in the area interact with patients regularly.

Lastly, the hospital was selected to help the local Government against the coronavirus. Therefore, they aim to make PCR tests more accessible to rural inhabitants nearby. Likewise, the staff at the hospital received training and equipment to carry out PCR tests following best practice.

To give a realistic insight into St Francis Xavier Hospital, this is what 2020 looked like in numbers:

  • 11.099 inpatients
  • 106.199 outpatients
  • 7.085 surgeries
  • 786 physical rehabilitations
  • 3.008 births assisted
  • 7.570 Specialist Diagnostic E. (scans)
  • 2.816 x-ray


General medicine
and Surgery


Paediatric Unit

Obstetrics and
Gynaecology Units

Dental Clinic

A&E Unit

Specialist Diagnostic E



Canteen Services


Mother and Child care in Foso, Ghana

Features at a glance

  • X-Ray Unit
  • Ultrasonography
  • Public Health Unit
  • Physiotherapy Unit
  • Medical and Surgical Wards
  • Chest Ward
  • Operating Theatre
  • Outpatient Department