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“Communicating is a Mission”, International Communications Meeting in Idanha, Lisboa.

Last week, we celebrated the International Communications Meeting from the 17th-19th of May at Sisters Hospitallers’ centre in Lisboa (Idhana), under the theme “Communicating is a Mission”. The various communications teams in the Congregation took part in the event, online and offline, consisting of both sisters and professionals in the field.

The meeting was facilitated by Patrizia Morgante, Responsible for the Communication at the International Union of General Superiors (UISG). During those 3 days, the participants evaluated, planned, and reflected on the working models between teams, strengthening our Institution’s communication.

Through dialogue, listening and joint search for innovation, professionals and sisters reached the following conclusions, among others:

  • Communication increases visibility for the hospitaller mission in society.
  • We must communicate the good we do, professionally and through participation.
  • Responsibility calls for individual implication from each person’s role.
International Communications Meeting_Lisbon2022

We conclude these days starting the process, gestures of a Church that listens and is on its way to developing.

Thank you to Casa de Saúde Idanha, and the Provincial Superior in Portugal, Sr Silvia Moreira, for their welcoming hosting this event.

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