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On 22 August, the Vice-Province of Vietnam was canonically established in the presence of our superior general Sr Anabela Carneiro


The constitution of the new vice-province was held on 22 August, a day of great meaning, as it is the feast of St. Mary Queen. The ceremony was attended by the Superior General, Sr Anabela Carneiro, and other important figures in the congregation such as Sr Léontine Ngo Mbock, General Councillor, and representatives of the Province of Spain (of which the Hospitaller presence in Vietnam was part until now): Sr Matilde Porras, Superior of Spain, and Sr Magdalena Goñi, Provincial Secretary of Spain.

In this historic event that consolidates and makes the congregation grow in Vietnam, the figure of the province of Spain has been essential. Under the principle present in the legislation of the congregation by which a vice-province can be built wherever the conditions for an autonomous life exist.

The sisters who constitute the government of the new vice-province are:


Sister Teresa Nguyen Thi Kim Anh: Vice Provincial Superior.
Sister Maria Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu: Vicar and 1st Councillor.
Sister Maria Nguyen Thi Vui: 2nd Councillor.
Sister Anna Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh: Bursar.
Sister Maria Nguyen Thi Thuy Phuong: Secretary.


This is the result of internal work in the congregation and is framed within our main value, hospitality, in this case extending the values and help to those who need it most. With St. Joseph as protector and guide, this new congregational entity embarks on a vital mission to alleviate suffering and provide care.