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The event of the year is almost here, today we share will you all you need to know about this important day

General Chapter is almost here, for this reason today we would like to share with you more information of this important event. Every six years, our congregation celebrates the General Chapter. This year is the XXII edition and will be held from 24 April to 26 May 2024 to reflect on the steps to be taken in our hospitality service. In previous post, we talk about the most important information of the General Chapter as the theme of this year or the website, but today we would like to focus in the importance of this event.


The general chapter is the organ which represents the whole Congregation and which exercises its authority collegially over its life and mission. It is a paschal event, a moment of charismatic renewal and apostolic projection that we have to celebrate in spirit of faith and fraternity, seeking, in an attitude of discernment, what is pleasing to the Lord.

The Chapter is the place of prayerful obedience to the Holy Spirit in the search for the greater good of the Congregation in the Church. We collaborate actively and responsible with an attitude of docility to the Spirit, fostering an atmosphere of intense prayer and true conversion.


The General Chapter is held every six years. It is summoned by the General Superior, who with the consent of her councillors, sets the agenda, the time and place of its celebration, according to the norms of the Directory. The supreme importance of this event demands careful preparation, to which the necessary time must be devoted.

Powers of the General Chapter: 

The main responsability of this event is to safeguard the patrimony of the Congregation. Its powers include:

  • examining the state of the Congregation
  • promoting the spiritual and apostolic vitality in fidelity to the hospitaller charism
  • issuing directions for renewing and updating the life and mission of the Congregation
  • electing the Superior General and her councillors
  • assessing the administration of temporal goods in the light of the criteria of poverty, justice and charity
  • resolving to introduce, abrogate or amend numbers of the Constitutions and the Directory
  • studying matters for submission for approbation to the Holy See
  • construing by means of practical declaration the meaning of the Constitutions
  • concluding agreements applying to the entire Congregation

Determinations made at the General Chapter become effective after their approval and publication and remain in force until otherwise started.