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The event of the year is almost here, today we would like to explain our theme “Be clothed in compassion”

General Chapter is almost here, for this reason today we would like to share with you more information of this important event. Every six years, our congregation celebrates the General Chapter. This year is the XXII edition and will be held from 24 April to 26 May 2024 to reflect on the steps to be taken in our hospitality service. In previous post, we talk about the most important information of the General Chapter as the website, the powers of the General Chapter but today we would like to focus on the theme of this year.


“Be clothed in compassion” 

“Be clothed in compassion” is the motto chosen by our Congregation. Taken from St. Paul’s Letter to the Colossians 3, 12, this passage serves as a reference to direct our work and adapt it to the needs of today’s world, where poverty and mental health problems are unfortunately very common.

We would like to contribute to this reality, and for this reason, our objective is to continue improving day by day, to continue being a reference in the field of mental health, daring with new projects and consolidating our identity in the hospital works that we carry out.

The prophetic signs of hope and of God’s closeness to suffering humanity, illustrated in the passage from Colossians, have inspired us in the what, why, wherefore and how of our motto and General Chapter, to rediscover the beauty of our consecrated life in the Church and to enter into a process of transformation that will make us witnesses to the compassion and mercy of Jesus, in fraternal communion and in hospitaller service.


The logo of our General Chapter 


The logo is made up of the cross of Christ, a hug, the world/human being, a road and stars. Essentially, it has three colors: gray, burgundy and green, the institutional colors.

The Cross of Christ – sign of divine mercy; expression of the love that saves, given unconditionally; theological place where mercy is born and where we clothe ourselves in it. The cross is an open space of encounter with the love that vivifies us; From it springs life, love, and hope, it welcomes everyone and in it each one can recognize themselves as loved and saved in the infinite mercy of the Father.

The gray color of the cross symbolizes the encounter between the greatest luminosity (God) and the greatest fragility (humanity). In itself, the color gray expresses peace, tranquility, balance, simplicity, delicacy, elegance… (dimensions that also characterize Hospitality)

Hug – in the center of the cross an embrace is born: Christ embraces humanity, the hospitable charisma is also called to embrace each human being in their situation of suffering; a universal embrace of the world, especially the most fragile and excluded; It is in the embrace of the merciful Christ that the embrace of Hospitality finds meaning; a hug that covers us with mercy and transforms us into instruments of that same mercy. 

The Path – without beginning or end. It is the path of dedication and service, in an attitude of departure, that is followed by all those who allow themselves to be led by the Spirit. It challenges us to live walking the paths of humanity, being a close presence to God – paths of visitation. Always a missionary path…

And the stars on the path symbolize that the hospitality charisma must be a presence that brings hope, stars that shine, today as yesterday, being the light of good and life in the midst of the darkness of illness and suffering.