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Meet Silvianne Christelle Chuenkouo, a volunteer at the Benoît Menni Mental Health Centre in Yaoundé (Cameroon)

How many years have you been part of the Sisters Hospitallers?

I have been a member of this family for four years, since 2019, and I am very happy!

What is your purpose, your mission in helping the Sisters Hospitallers?

From the beginning, I was very impressed by the mission of the Sisters, especially in the form of hospitality. I then realised that my goal in life was to bring a smile and joy back to street patients, in order to reintegrate them into their families and society, as most of them are unfortunately abandoned to their fate… Seeing the smiles on the faces of the most destitute people gives me great happiness and joy. That is my mission.

Why is patient care holistic?

After getting to know the patients, we offer them and their families a complete treatment to help them recover, inside and outside the hospital.

Thank you, Silvianne, for your testimony and for sharing our mission on a voluntary basis! May God bless your hospitable heart!