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We invite you to get to know Sr. Idília María Moreira G. Carneiro, our new Superior General, elected at the XXII General Chapter, who will share with us a little of her testimony at this important event for our Congregation

Born in Mozambique, Sr. Idília María Moreira G. Carneiro has a solid academic and professional background. She holds a degree in Social Work from the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences of Lisbon, a Master’s degree in Spirituality and Ethics in Health, and a Postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management. Before being elected as Superior General, she held the position of Vicar Provincial in the Province of Portugal.
We invite you to discover what it has to share with us:

How are you facing this new position?

“As a gift of God’s mercy that calls me to serve and love the congregation, entrusting to it all that He Himself has given me. Also enlightened and strengthened by the motto of our last meeting: Clothe yourselves with bowels of mercy, and with an attitude of trust and faith. Conscious of how small I am, but believing that God, who always precedes us in life, will enlighten and lead the congregation according to His will.

I also live it trusting in the fraternal and prayerful communion of all the sisters of the congregation and in the commitment of the Hospitaller family, which walks together along the paths of hospitality that the Church and the world ask of us today, following the compassionate and merciful Jesus in his healing mission.
And with openness and docility to the Spirit, in this service of animation and government of the congregation carried out with the sisters of the General Government, letting the God who chose us purify our hearts and transform them according to His plans, knowing that He will bring to a successful conclusion the work begun”.

What are the main challenges you face as Superior General?

“The first is to welcome the love and fidelity of God, who looks with tenderness on the congregation, and with him to be co-creators of hospitality. Always from God’s merciful gaze. Moreover, this mercy heals and generates communion, opens us to horizons of unlimited and universal love, is an expression of the Samaritan Church of Jesus, and commits us to live and proclaim its evangelising power. This sums up the great dynamisms of hospitality for the six-year period we are now beginning.
Aware that we are only simple instruments for his action, as a congregational body we wish to strengthen the charismatic fidelity and sense of mission of the Congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Church and in the world, witnessing to the hope and closeness of God to suffering humanity“.

What was the 22nd General Chapter in Rome like?

“The Chapter is a special time of the Spirit who opens us to his creative dynamism and enlightens us to discern the challenges to which today as a congregation we must respond with audacity, hope and a sense of institutional body. It has been a time of grace, lived in deep communion and prayer at the level of the whole congregation and of ecclesial harmony. The meeting with Pope Francis, who challenged us to dare, to take risks and to allow ourselves to be challenged by the new poverties of our time – there are many of them! And to live with a smile and joy of heart.
I also highlight a strong experience of the synodal journey, which leads us along paths that we have travelled together – sisters, collaborators and lay people – in co-responsibility, continuing the work of our founders: Benito Menni, María Josefa Recio and María Angustias Giménez. A new Pentecost!”

Thank you, Sr Idília, for your witness! We encourage you to accompany her new work as Superior General with your prayers.