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Winners of the III International Photography Contest

This year, Sisters Hospitallers worldwide has organised the 3rd edition of its International Photography Contest. The theme for this edition was “We walk together in Hospitality”. All members of the hospitaller community were encouraged to participate, submitting their photographs during the month of March.

With the occasion of St Benito Menni’s Day, the General Service announced the winners. They are:

1st Place: “Hospitality”, by Ricardo de la Espriella (Province of Latin America)

«Hospitality is to share together, around a common project that reunites us, grows and bears fruit»

1st Place. Latin America

2nd Place: “Closeness”, by Ana Rita Ribeiro (Province of Portugal)

«The pandemic has imposed distance in relationships and led us through situations of anguish and uncertainty about tomorrow. Gestures like this allowed us to maintain closeness and continue caring with affection. The path to follow continues to be winding, challenging… but we continue together, safe, in the certainty that in Hospitality, we find our path.»

2nd Place. Portugal.

3rd Place: “Union creates Hospitality”, by Marion Becquet (Province of France)

«In this place, synonym of hospitality, we come together in happiness, sadness, hope, and support»

3rd Place. France.

Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who participated from all over the world!

Do you want to know more about our winning provinces? Visit their websites!

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