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Discover everything we are achieving at St Francis Xavier Hospital and all its future plans in this video

St Francis Xavier Hospital provides mother and child care for the population in Foso. This includes
obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatry and assisting births, among other services. Above all, the purpose
is to guarantee the safety of both mum and baby

  • The currently maternity block Vs the new one

The current Maternity Block of the facility is the oldest existing structure of the hospital. Over the years of its existence, it has served the facility and the community very well however its current capacity is overstretched as a result of the ever-increasing number of pregnant women and babies seen at the unit.
In the current set up of the current block, obstetrics and gynecological patients are distributed as follows: The pregnant women are admitted to the maternity block, whiles those who present in early pregnancy
with complications are first admitted to the (Accident & Emergency) unit before being admitted to the surgical ward or the maternity block.
All the Gynaecological cases are admitted to the surgical ward. The current maternity block has 35 beds (including those on the corridors) and 5 delivery beds making a total of 40 beds. The surgical
ward (35 bed capacity) currently accommodates Gynaecological cases as well as general surgical patients.

Discover everything we are achieving at St Francis Xavier Hospital and all the future plans we have for this centre in this video: 

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