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Geriatric Psychiatry - Article from our Experts

Geriatric Psychiatry


Following with our monthly series of Articles from our Experts, the Province of Portugal writes about Geriatric Psychiatry care.

International Communications Meeting_Lisbon2022

Communicating is a Mission


We have celebrated the International Communications Meeting Idanha (Lisbon), under the theme “Communicating is a Mission”.

Occupational Therapy Workshop - May 2022

Occupational Therapy Workshop


The Province of France launches a project of solidarity in Telema-Kintambo, called Occupational Therapy Workshop, for mentally ill people.

Hospitaller Vocation Week 2022

Hospitaller Vocation Week


From the 2nd to the 8th of May, Sisters Hospitallers worldwide celebrates the Hospitaller Vocation Week. Watch this year’s video here!

III International Photography Contest. 2022.

III International Photography Contest


Here are the winners of the III International Photography Contest, with the theme “We walk together in Hospitality”. Congratulations!

St Benito Menni's Day 2022 - Our Founder's Feast

St Benito Menni’s Day


On April 24th, Sisters Hospitallers worldwide celebrates St Benito Menni’s Day, our Founder’s Feast. A special day for all our community!

Empowerment Programme in Liberia

Empowerment Programme

Africa News

Benedict Menni Health Centre has launched an Empowerment Programme for the female patients at the Mental Health Unit. This progr…

Caring for the Fragile - Article

Caring for the Fragile – Article


Read the Caring for the Fragile – Article from our Experts in the field, talking about palliative holistic care for patients at hospitals.

Baking as Rehabilitation. Did you know. March 2022

Baking as Rehabilitation


Baking as Rehabilitation. Did you know that baking is a wonderful way to help rehabilitate people living with mental illness?

First Volunteers' Gathering- March 2022¡

First Volunteers’ Gathering

UK News

This Saturday, we hosted our First Volunteers’ Gathering for volunteers from our 3 care homes in England. We had such a great time together!