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The purpose of our projects is to provide care for people living with mental disorders. Currently, our centres in Dompoase, Foso and Monrovia foster their mental wellbeing and reinsertion in society

Every donation makes a difference for someone living with a mental disorder.

At our centres, we provide regular medication, food and care to guarantee their safety and dignity. It wouldn’t be possible without the generous help of our supporters and volunteers.

Make a donation today and make a change for someone in need.

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Our Projects

Our Projects Today

We currently have ongoing projects in Dompoase (Ghana), Foso (Ghana) and Monrovia (Liberia). Moreover, we provide general medical care for more than 230.000 inhabitants in total. Furthermore, these locations offer special support to children and young adults suffering from social exclusion.

At these centres, therefore, the staff provides mental health patients with food, medicines, transport and day care. In short, they provide specialised attention while promoting their personal development through games and projects.

Why is our presence important?

In Africa, it’s a cultural belief that mental disorders come from bad spirits and demons. Therefore, mentally ill people suffer the stigma and exclusion from their community. So that’s where our hospitality is most needed. We take care of people living with mental illnesses, fostering their development and reinsertion. Moreover, we also aim to educate locals on understanding and accepting mental disorders.

In addition to mental care, our centres also provide general medicine to large populations nearby. This includes, for instance, emergencies, paediatrics and laboratories.

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Every donation makes a huge difference.

Sisters Hospitallers in Africa

At the moment, we have three ongoing projects in Africa, carried out in our centres in Liberia and Ghana. Therefore, these centres and projects are closely related and interdependent as they are both financed by our Province of England.

Most importantly, our presence in Africa is only possible thanks to our generous supporters. Furthermore, they help us bring hospitality to the mentally ill, who are at the heart of our cause and mission.

Read more about our centres in Africa and get involved in their cause.