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Sant Rafael Hospital is selling these beautiful bracelets to raise funds for Foso.

Sant Rafael Hospital, from the Province of Spain, has resumed their sell of bracelets to raise funds for Foso. For that, they are selling bracelets made by users with intellectual disabilities of the Health Care Complex (Málaga). The idea behind it is to raise funds for the Maternity Unit at St Francis Xavier Hospital, in Foso (Ghana).

However, this initiative is part of a 20+ years collaboration between Sant Rafael Hospital and St Francis Xavier Hospital. On the one hand, the Province of Spain provides the centre in Ghana with professional volunteers, to improve the service offered. On the other hand, they regularly organise actions of solidarity like this one, to raise funds for the construction of a new maternity hospital in the centre. This project has an estimated cost of 966,000€, which is why every little help makes a huge difference!

This is an extremely necessary project, as the current maternity unit has major shortcomings for an ever-growing number of new patients. The shortage of space and appropriate equipment results in more complications during childbirth. Moreover, it puts the health of both mother and baby at huge risk.

This initiative is also a great example of solidarity at Sisters Hospitallers, joining efforts across-provinces to spread hospitality worldwide.

You can read more about this project here.

From the Province of England, THANK YOU, TEAM!

Bracelets to Raise Funds - Sant Rafael Hospital (bcn)