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Today is Blu… Brew Monday!

We are joining the Samaritans’ initiative of renaming Blue Monday as Brew Monday instead.

The term ‘Blue Monday’ comes from a research carried out by a British airline company back in 2005. According to the results of such research, the third Monday of January is’the most depressing day of the year’. For this ‘equation’, researchers took into account factors like weather conditions, daylight hours, and people’s social interactions.

However, we all know by now there are always good days and bad days – regardless of the day of the month! For that reason, the Samaritans started this initiative, renaming Blue Monday and Brew Monday instead. Therefore, they aim to encourage everyone to start a conversation with their loved ones over a brew (as an idea).

In conclusion, the goal is to transform a socially called ‘blue’ day into an opportunity to catch up with family or friends. It doesn’t really matter if it’s today, or any other day of the week!

Lastly, take this as a reminder to pause. Breath. And share how you are feeling.

There’s always someone willing to listen.
There’s always someone needing to be heard.
Reach out.

Brew Monday: The New Blue Monday