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This month, we are celebrating a Extraordinary General Chapter to review and update our Constitutions.

On the 10th, the opening ceremony for the Extraordinary General Chapter was broadcasted on our General Youtube channel.

Watch the opening ceremony here (in Spanish)

Since then, some of our Sisters from all the Provinces have met everyday. Together, they discuss how to respond to these present and future times, in Church and to the world. Always from the practice of Hospitality.

The same foundational spirit that inspired St Benito Menni back in 1881, is still guiding our mission today. That is, the suffering of so many men and women around the world.

Here you have some pictures reflecting the environment of hard work and judgement that Sisters are sharing during this period.

Extraordinary General Chapter 2022, in Rome
Hard work at the Extraordinary General Chapter
Ext. General Chapter 2022, in Rome

Final stages of the Constitution’s review Chapter

This Chapter is also a great opportunity for our Sisters to get together and share moments of solidarity. Moreover, this allows them to continue discovering together the present and future of Hospitality.

Last Sunday, they all had a break from the intense reviewing days. For that, they spent the day together at Castel Gandolfo and Frascati, even enjoying the Italian sun!

“We thank everyone who is helping us these days, one way or another, to broaden our horizons. A special thank you to the Hospitaller Community, who is always present in this synodal process. St Benito Menni inspires us all to continue going forward” – Sisters in Rome.

Sisters at the General Chapter in Rome, 2022
General Chapter - English Province