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Next Saturday at 15:00 we are hosting (online) the first ‘International Conference of Lay Hospitallers’. We will share experiences and strengthen our sense of belonging to the universal Hospitaller family. Because the Hospitaller charism goes beyond borders!

Last 28th October, the various groups of Lay Hospitallers in Spain gathered together online (from Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Málaga, and Basque Country). It was such a great event, that we are now replicating it with our worldwide Lay Hospitaller community.

In Spain, there are 5 communities that come together monthly to share their mission with the Hospitaller charism. Furthermore, they are almost 60 people that put Jesus in the centre of their lives, as the Good Samaritan’s model.

For this occasion, it will be the first time that Sisters and Lay hospitallers from all around the world meet. They will have the chance to share their stories and experiences and come closer together.

A great event to look forward to!