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Today is World Women’s Day!

Sisters Hospitallers was and is made by awesome, passionate women all around the world. And today, for International Women’s Day, we celebrate you all.

Starting from our foundation, when two inspired and generous women decided to leave everything behind and dedicate their lives to the mentally ill women; continuing with our committed Sisters, that keep our cause alive leading by example; to our incredibly talented female co-workers, who walk the extra mile every day to deliver the best quality at what they do… We are PROUD of you!

It’s safe to say that, literally and figuratively, Sisters Hospitallers wouldn’t be what we are today without you.

World Women's Day 2022

8th of March

On this date, we celebrate women’s achievements, journeys, and lessons learned throughout the years. Furthermore, we raise awareness around gender inequality, still existing nowadays. At Sisters Hospitallers, we join the celebration for all our female teams around the world!

For 2022, UN Women chooses the theme: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.

Today, women and children are powerful and efficient leaders to inspire change towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, they take part in sustainable initiatives worldwide, resulting in a more effective action for climate change.

Overall, to achieve sustainable development and gender equality, it’s essential to explore opportunities and limitations. This is, to allow young and adult females to participate, equally, in the decision-making related to climate change.

What’s more, women are the most vulnerable group to the impact of climate change. This is because they constitute the majority of the world’s poor population nowadays. Consequently, this makes them more dependable on natural resources, now threaten by climate change.