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From Sisters Hospitallers we invite you to participate in the contest  “We are hospitality”. Send your photographs before 31 March 2023.

To celebrate the feast of St Benedict Menni, the Sisters Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus launches the IV International Photography Contest, under the title “We are hospitality”.

The main objective of the photographs is to capture gestures, moments, and attitudes that reflect how all the Hospitaller Community practices hospitality and makes possible the Hospitaller Project in shared mission. Through this contest we are looking for participants to send photographs that reflect how we develop the Hospitaller mission in the different parts of the world where we are present.

This year we wish to emphasise the Chapter’s message of “Practice Hospitality”, as it is a call to all of us to feel that we are protagonists and co-responsible for the hospital project initiated by Saint Benedict Menni, María Angustias Giménez and María Josefa Recio in 1881, and which continues to live on in each and every member of the hospital community. Without each individual’s personal contribution, the project would not be the same, and it is the orchestrated effort of all of them that enables the Hospitality to be realised. One person alone cannot carry out the Hospitaller project, it must be done with others, which is why it is important to feel that we are together, in a shared mission. It is a call to synodal participation and to feel that we are a Hospitaller community.

The contest is intended for any person, over 18 year of age, connect to the Sisters Hospitallers, provided they are part of the Hospitaller Community in any part of the world where the Congregation has presence. The winners will be announced around 24 April, on the occasion of the feast of San Benito Menni.

The 3 most voted photographs will receive the following prizes:

1. A digital reflex camera, valued at around 300€.
2. A tablet, valued at around €200.
3. A smartwatch, valued at around €100.

If you are interested in participating in our 4th International Photography Competition, and in finding out more details about this initiative, please request information at:
Go ahead, bring out your most creative side and take part!