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We have partnered with GiveACar, which means you can support our cause at no extra cost for you!

GiveACar is a social enterprise that raises money for charities by recycling old cars and motorbikes. Launched in 2010, they have raised over £4 million for several charities, and coordinated the collection of over 35,000 vehicles. And now that we have partnered with GiveACar, you can select Sisters Hospitallers as your Charity of choice!

Overall, GiveACar gives car owners an opportunity to get rid of their unwanted vehicles while putting them to good use. Moreover, they were the first service of this kind in the UK, allowing charities to access a new source of funds… at no extra cost for the car owner!

How does it work?

GiveACar: New partner

Choose Sisters Hospitallers

With this partnership, you can now choose Sisters Hospitallers as the recipient of the funds. Supporting our cause has never been easier!

You can check our profile on GiveACar here, to read more about how donations help our cause:

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