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Last week the English Province held the Pre-Chapter Assembly in the St Augustine´s centre at Addlestone


The Pre-Chapter Assembly began with a day of reflection, led by Fr Theophilus Nyamali OCD, at our house in Addlestone (Surrey) on 2nd of October.
On Tuesday, 3rd of October, the opening session of the Assembly began with a few moments of prayer and a simple dynamic that set the mood for the day’s work.
Sr. María Lourdes Sanz then addressed a greeting to the Assembly, followed by the reading of the Chapter Regulations, which were unanimously approved.
The following services were assigned during this session:
Coordinator: María Isabel Cantón
Tellers: Iwona Olesinska and Cecilia Eshun
Secretary: María Josefa Hernández
The rest of the day was devoted to the study on the discernment of proposals concerning communities.

Wednesday 4th October was dedicated to reflection/discernment concerning the centres. On this day the group was joined by the collaborators from the UK centres. The work that was done was based on input from all the centres in the Province. It was a dense but very beneficial day for all.

At the end of the Assembly on Friday 6th, the sisters made a pilgrimage to Aylesford (Kent), where the shrine of Our Lady of Carmen, under whose patronage the Province is located, is located.

The sisters walked the Rosary Way, placing in Mary’s hands the needs of the province at this time of restructuring and presented to her the realities of the different congregational presences. They did not fail to pray for peace in the world and for the suffering humanity.