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St Benito Menni’s Day is always a great celebration for us!

For St Benito Menni’s Day we celebrate our founder, Benito Menni. He founded Sisters Hospitallers in 1881, together with Mª Josefa Recio and Mª Angustias Giménez. But most importantly, he started a legacy of Hospitality and service, especially for those living with mental disorders.

Furthermore, he set the values for the Congregation and a clear mission: to bring dignity to everybody’s life. Therefore, every 24th of April we celebrate him and his great lessons of hospitality and humanity.

For this year, all our centres in England, Liberia and Ghana joined the celebration with the motto #ADoseOfHope.

This reflects our best wish for the near future: to bring back hope to everybody, everywhere. To learn from this tough experience and to come back up on our feet to keep on broadening our reach to help more and more people in need.

For us, our dear staff and volunteers are #ADoseOfHope for Sisters Hospitallers, as they make it possible for us to bring hospitality to more people in need.

Therefore, to celebrate this day with our entire community, we have prepared two short but interesting videos:

St Benito Menni’s biography          |           The Hospitaller Values

Sisters Hospitallers’ community celebrating St Benito Menni – Video