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Aita Menni Hospital is presenting a new video about the We Are Like You programme in Liberia, in which staff from St Benedict Menni Health Centre take part

In many countries in Africa, people with a mental illness offer suffer from high stigma and social exclusion. Moreover, mental health is related to witchcraft and evil spirits, causing mentally ill people to be abandoned by their families or excluded from their communities. In addition, the stigma increases if the person with a mental disease is a woman.

This project, therefore, aims to improve mentally ill women’s health by improving their abilities and life skills. Furthermore, St Benedict Menni Health Centre in Monrovia (Liberia) provides women with rehabilitation and treatment. Not only that, but the centre also offers now job training to the patients, fostering their economic independence by helping them start their own small businesses.

87% of the women who find a job do not relapse again, enabling them to return to the community.