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At Sisters Hospitallers, we Communicate with and to the world.

Across our 6 Provinces worldwide, we bring hospitality to the sick, the needy and the excluded, offering them our service through hospitals, day care centres, care homes, mental health centres, and palliative care, among others.

Through our service, we transmit:

  • Humanity in all our projects, and in all of our actions
  • Our professional expertise
  • Dedication and mission
  • Love to the world and to the sick
  • Our faith and our passion
  • Our social commitment
  • Our continuous search to improve our services
  • Life and hospitality

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About Sisters Hospitallers

We are a Charity committed to the sick and their wellbeing, especially in the field of mental health.

Every day since our foundation, we have followed this commitment to hospitality through the work we carry out around the world. From that first day, we have turned the passion to help others into our cause, by serving and caring for those at our centres.

We aim to provide care and support to people who are sick or disabled, with a deeply human attitude an zero tolerance to discrimination.

Today, Sisters Hospitallers is present in 27 countries from 4 countries, bringing hospitality to those that need it most.